Celebrate Energy

How can we power festivals with sustainable energy?

Celebrate Energy from Open-House on Vimeo.

What is the problem?

Every year Dutch festival organizers use around 15 million liters of diesel to power their events. Costs: 25 million euro. In Europe this adds up to 500 million euro. This challenge is about how we can power festivals with sustainable energy that significantly lowers the CO2-emission or/and replace the current diesel generator.


With Celebrate Energy we focus on the energy supply and specified two main goals: • Primarily, we are looking for solutions to significant lower the CO2-emission (by a minimum of 20%) to apply during public events by energy innovations • Secondary, we are looking for a replacement of the current diesel generator during public events that by using renewable energy sources

We are in the position to make a change

Every year, Dutch festival organizers use around 12 to 15 million liters to power events. This cost the organizers 25 million euro, only on energy supply. 15 million for fuel and 10 million for rental material, logistics and labour. In Europe, this sums up to 500 million euro. And that’s only for renting the equipment . We are famous for our organizing skills when it comes to festivals. We can use this leading position to innovate the field of festival production. And, after proven performance, introduce and promote these innovations to the rest of the world. All with the ambition to make the festival industry more sustainable. And, when successful, the spin-off to other industries like construction sites, off shore locations and even refugee camps is a small step away.

Why Open-House?

Launching customers as ID&T are best helped by a turn key solution. This does not mean that you already need to have the all-round solution itself. Open-House creates a platform in which a wide range of companies can test and pilot collectively to create a solution. Open-House plays an unifying role with a tailor-made coaching program and a network of festivals for you to use as a testing ground. But that’s not all; we believe that the future solutions should be financially viable too. What our partners, such as ID&T (Mysteryland, Sensation, Defqon.1) and into the great wide open see, is that the current power supply is less efficient and not sustainable. Eventually we would like, in absolute terms, to save huge on integrated electricity costs. Also we believe that there are big opportunities to seize for a sustainable alternative that can also be financially viable in the long term. To realize that, we work side by side with our partners in a harmonious ecosystem in which each foundation is as important as the other. We are looking for the whole puzzle, not just a part of it.

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