The next_stage innovation program enables new development right from the heart of the festival industry: the main stage. Not only the eyecatcher of an event, it also provides the perfect stage for creating new opportunities for big theme innovation outside this sector.

Well known metropolitan challenges like biobased materials, flexible structures and multifunctional integrated building elements are corresponding focus points for both the festival industry as a city. By bringing these two unexpected worlds together, we believe that innovation can flourish. We can learn and use each other’s expertise and Research & Development facilities for innovation partnerships to engage challenges with clear vision. We focus on finding solutions for real market problems. The starting point is that the found solutions are generated for real problems. That’s why we always start by talking with our customers.

Why Open-House?

We are always looking for innovators to reconstruct the way organizers look at festivals. Launching customers as ID&T are best helped by a turn key solution. This does not mean that you already need to have the all-round solution itself. Open-House creates a platform in which a wide range of companies can test and pilot collectively to create a solution. Open-House plays an unifying role with a tailor-made coaching program and a network of festivals for you to use as a testing ground.

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